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Experience optimal filtration with housing triple pre-filters. Discover the power of three layers of filtration to remove contaminants and impurities from your air or water. Improve the quality of your environment and enjoy cleaner, healthier living with housing triple pre-filters. Explore the benefits and find the perfect solution for your filtration needs.


HOUSING TRIPLE PRE-FILTER For full lab results on our Super Filters and filter performance, you can view the full independent lab report here.


All internal filters are designed to snap into place securely and easily. Pre-filters will require pre-filter housing.

20% Discount on Annual Order

  • Order a Minimum of 8 Filters
  • To receive your annual 20% Discount you need to pick a least the amount indicated below:
  • One #1 filter (we recommend two)
  • One #2 filter
  • 3 to 4 Citric Acid Filter Cartridges (clean 3 times a year if 2 people & 4 times a year if 3 or more people)
  • One each of your exterior filters

This order will ship once a year & you will receive your 20% Discount & your prices are locked in for five (5) years unless inflation goes over 20%


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