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Our Story

our story

Our Story

I created the Pitcher of Life in response to requests from my Life Ionizer customers who wanted a portable unit so they could have alkaline water when they traveled, or at their office, or in other situations. There have been over 113,000 sold over the last 12 years.

I have constantly been working on improving the Pitchers of Life, We introduced the Borosilicate Glass Pitcher of Life® and people loved the switch from a BPA-Free Pitcher to the Borosilicate Glass Pitcher –
Glass Tastes Better™

our story

While doing my research and development of this new and exciting filter media technology, I decided to focus on how to remove as many of the 86,153 known active and inactive toxic chemicals that are in the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). I took a year to create a platform where people could enter their zip code and receive a COMPLETE ANALYSIS of “what’s in their water.” I did this after my research showed that the EPA only monitors 90 of those chemicals. The others are all classified as “No Legal Limits”.
This means that everyone in the United States is drinking toxic water when they drink the water supplied by their City Water District. The Water Districts “pass” the EPA guidelines because there are no defined limits as to how much of each of these toxic chemicals can be ingested. That’s why so many people are dying from cancer and are having so many health issues. So I joined forces with the top environmental group in the United States and created Life Water Report where people can find out what’s actually in their drinking, bathing, and household water. And it is SCARY!

We also determined what the safe levels are of each of these toxic chemicals. So when you receive your free water analysis, you will find out not only what’s in your water, you will have options on how to reduce and remove these toxic chemicals and have safe drinking and household water. But that was not enough as we all realize that the filters inside all water pitchers are fairly small and there is only one or two of them in the pitcher. So I have created two new systems that not only create alkalized healthy antioxidant water, they focus on effectively reducing the vast majority of chemicals. My new Life Sciences Water systems make healthy alkaline water with antioxidants, plus they have advanced top-of-the-line filtration systems.

Here are the models I have Manufactured

Life Sciences Reverse Osmosis Alkaline Water Purifying Generator – Tankless Technology

Reverse Osmosis (RO) is the Best water purification invented but the water is normally deficient of all minerals and is electron deficient, which causes major health problems.
So we designed and built a TANKLESS RO System that also has a built-in system that then generates alkaline, antioxidant water. 99% of ALL contaminants and toxic chemicals removed plus healthy alkaline antioxidant water. And at a very affordable price. Amazing!

Lifetime Warranty – We Build it Better!

Get Free Water Pitcher with Infuser

The next best system is a 5-filter….FIVE FILTER…Counter Top Water Purification System that hooks up to you cold water outlet and uses five much larger filters than your “one filter” water pitcher. Pull the lever and you have healthy alkaline mineral water at your beckon! Both of these systems produce purified healthy water that is far superior to purified drinking water than a “one filter” water pitcher.

Now the BONUS – each of these systems comes with a Free Borosilicate Glass Water Pitcher for each of use in pouring or storing your healthy alkaline mineral-rich drinking water.

Now that’s the water to enjoy a healthy Life! Delicious and Healthy! From your Friends at Life Sciences Water Systems.

Free Water Analysis Report to find out what’s in your water!

The EPA monitors only 90 of these 86,153 toxic chemicals so when they say your water is okay, that is for only those 90 Toxic Chemicals – so find out about those other 86,063 Toxic Chemicals and how they damage your Health!.