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I have been in the water treatment industry for 27 years and have always focused on education, research & development, and practical solutions. When I started Life Ionizers one of my main awareness was that people’s first priority was to have purified drinking and household water.
The second goal consumers had was how to improve the water so it provided health benefits. With those goals in mind, I provided a no-cost water analysis that would show what contaminants, toxins and impurities were in the water for their specific water district. EPA mandates a yearly water report and I would analyze this for each client. This analysis was very time consuming and it was helpful to allow clients to see exactly what was in their water. The goal was then to guide them to see what the best type of filtration system was available to pre-filter their water before it went into their Life Ionizer.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has a database of over 85,000 Toxic Chemicals that can contaminate your drinking and household water. Yet the EPA only monitors 90 of these. And even in those 90, they do not consider the chemicals combining to create worse negative health results, or that these contaminants build up in the cells of our and our pet’s bodies.

This means that almost all City and County water sources are highly polluted with many of these 85,000 chemicals but can still receive an EPA “safe water” certification. This does not count the psychoactive drugs, psychopharmaceuticals, psychoactive agents, psychotropic drugs, nor the over 130 animal medications that are in the water sources.

There are two main ways to clean up these dangerous toxins and contaminants from your drinking and household water. There are filter media that can remove or reduce many of these terrible contaminants, especially when combined together. You can also use reverse osmosis and then add back the basic necessary minerals to the drinking household water supply.

Life has teamed up with an Environmental Health Organization that has created a system that allows our visitors to plug in their zip code and receive a water report and analysis of their drinking water. We have also added other information such as:

  1. What specific contaminants and dangerous toxins are in the water
  2. What these contaminants negative health results are
  3. The amount of the specific contaminant that is in the water and the amount that Life has determined is a health hazard
  4. What filtration methods are the best to address each contaminant

Please provide us with feedback and comments on how this system has helped you understand how to improve your water quality. Also, let us know any critiques or what additional services or products we can help you with.

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Remember that our goal is to educate people so they can take the next step in creating a healthier environment for their Families!

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