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Discovering Healthy Beverages: The Hidden Dangers of BVO in Fruit-Flavored Drinks

In our quest for refreshing and tasty beverages, we often find ourselves reaching for fruit-flavored drinks, especially during warm seasons. However, it’s crucial to be vigilant about what we consume, as not all seemingly benign drinks are what they appear. One component in particular, found in several fruit-flavored drinks, raises concerns regarding its safety – brominated vegetable oil (BVO). This chemical is not present in your everyday morning orange juice, yet it is a common ingredient in carbonated orange drinks and fruit-flavored energy drinks.

What is BVO and Why Should We be Concerned

What is BVO and Why Should We be Concerned?

BVO acts as a stabilizer, ensuring that the ingredients in fruit-flavored drinks do not separate. However, it has been linked to potential harm to the nervous system, leading to it being banned in beverages sold across Europe and Japan. Even in the United States, states like California are in discussions to legislate against the manufacture and sale of drinks containing BVO.

The Movement Against BVO

A pivotal moment in addressing the concerns around BVO came in 2012 when a petition on garnered more than 200,000 signatures. This brought significant attention to the health issues associated with BVO, prompting numerous brands to remove it from their products under market pressure. However, not all brands have followed suit.

The Prevalence of BVO

BVO continues to linger, predominantly in off-brand products, including store brands and lesser-known regional brands. These products typically have a lower price point, making them appealing to a large number of shoppers, particularly those with lower incomes. With inflation driving up the cost of food, an increasing number of consumers are opting for these lesser-known brands, unknowingly exposing themselves to the risks associated with BVO.

Interestingly, it’s not just the smaller or off-brand companies incorporating BVO. Larger corporations, such as Keurig Dr Pepper, known for their product Sun Drop, and Walmart, with products like Orangette and Great Value Fruit Punch, have also been identified as purveyors of BVO-containing beverages.

How Do We Create Healthy Fruit

How Do We Create Healthy Fruit and Herbal Flavored Alkaline Beverages?

In light of these revelations, it is ever more essential for consumers to make informed choices and opt for healthy beverages. Seeking out healthy alkaline beverages and toxin-free health drinks can be a step in the right direction. Alkaline beverages help balance the body’s pH levels, contributing to overall well-being, while toxin-free health drinks ensure that consumers are not inadvertently ingesting harmful substances.

Creating healthy fruit and herbal-flavored alkaline beverages is not just about avoiding harmful ingredients like BVO, but also about incorporating beneficial elements. Utilizing fresh fruits, herbs, and other natural ingredients can contribute to the flavor, nutritional value, and alkalinity of the beverage, ensuring a balance of taste and health.

Resource for Making Informed Choices

A Resource for Making Informed Choices

For those seeking guidance, resources like the Food Scores database, which ranks food and drink products based on ingredients, nutrients, and processing concerns, can be invaluable. The database includes a wide range of items, from drink mixes and powdered drinks to sodas and kombucha, helping consumers make informed decisions about what they consume.


While the quest for refreshing and flavorful beverages is understandable, especially in the warmer months, consumers should remain vigilant about their choices. By opting for healthy alkaline beverages and toxin-free health drinks, we can enjoy delicious refreshments without compromising our health. Additionally, leveraging resources like the Food Scores database can aid consumers in making informed decisions and avoiding harmful ingredients like BVO.

For those eager to delve deeper into the world of healthy beverages, we encourage you to send your Free Alkaline Beverage Guide. This guide will provide further insights and tips on creating and enjoying healthy fruit and herbal-flavored alkaline beverages. Let’s toast to a healthier and more informed future of beverage consumption!

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