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copper pitcher Pounded design

Pitcher of Life 1500mL Copper Pitcher – Pounded Design


  • Flower of Life and detoxification: Crafted with a flower of life symbol at the bottom, this pitcher infuses water with copper’s healing properties. It eliminates harmful toxins, making it ideal for detoxification purposes.
  • Superior Craftsmanship: Made with high-quality copper, this water jug pitcher offers excellent durability and longevity. It provides optimal conditions for maintaining drinking water purity and freshness.


  • High copper quality – Made from high-quality copper, this water jug brings health benefits. Copper has antimicrobial properties, purifying your water and keeping it fresh. Embrace copper’s remarkable qualities and experience a refreshing sip every time you drink it.
  • Enhanced hydration – our beautifully crafted Copper Water Jug is designed to revolutionize your hydration routine. This exquisite piece combines functionality with mesmerizing aesthetics, allowing you to stay hydrated in style. With a generous 1.5L capacity, you can stay hydrated throughout the day.

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