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Drink for Your Health: Find out how Alkaline Mineral Water can improve your bone density

Alkaline mineral water is characterized by its high pH level, typically ranging from 8 to 9, making it less acidic than regular tap water. This high pH water offers various health benefits, especially bone density and osteoporosis prevention. Here’s an overview of how alkaline mineral water contributes to bone health:

Bone Density

Alkaline Water and Bone Density:

  1. Counteracting Acidosis: Acidosis, characterized by elevated acidity levels in the body, can lead to calcium and magnesium leaching from the bones Density. Alkaline mineral water counteracts acidosis by providing the body with minerals, including calcium, magnesium, and potassium. These minerals are crucial for bone health Density.
  2. Neutralizing Body Acids: Excessive acidity leads to increased bone loss. Alkaline water neutralizes acids in the body, preventing mineral extraction from the bones. By maintaining a balanced pH, alkaline water supports the body in regulating acid-alkaline levels, contributing to overall bone health Density.
  3. Reducing Calcium Loss: Alkaline water decreases calcium excretion through the urine. This reduction in calcium loss ensures that more of this essential mineral remains in the body to support bone density.
  4. Acidosis and Osteoporosis: Acidosis, resulting from elevated acid levels in the body, is linked to osteoporosis. Acidic drinks and snacks can force the body to extract essential minerals like iron and calcium from the bones to maintain balance. This leads to a decline in bone strength.

Incorporating Alkaline Mineral Water into Your Diet:

  • Ionizers and Portable Options: Consider investing in a point-of-use alkaline water pitcher to make alkaline water easily accessible. Run your own free water quality report at and if you have toxins in your water, you might consider one of our Life Science’s Alkaline Water Purification Systems with 13 to 20 times more purification ability. Click here for more information
  • Health Benefits Beyond Bone Density: Apart from bone health, alkaline water can help maintain a balanced pH in the body. It helps replace minerals lost due to acidification, including calcium, potassium, and magnesium, promoting overall bone health. Clinical research suggests that alkaline water, with its high alkali concentration, promotes good bone health, especially in individuals dealing with bone problems such as osteoporosis.

Alkaline mineral water and bone health studies

Alkaline mineral water and bone health studies:

Replacing plain drinking water with alkaline mineralized water over time may contribute to stable bone mass and potentially eliminate the need for additional supplements. One study of 100 healthy adults found alkaline water was twice as hydrating as regular water after exercise. The discovery of “Aquaporins,” the protein pathways in trillions of cells, was honored with a Nobel Prize in 2003. Alkaline mineral water enhances hydration by activating aquaporins, specialized water channels in cells. These channels have a higher concentration of OH- (hydroxide) ions, which hydrate aquaporins (the water channels in cell membranes) more efficiently.

A notable 2021 study focused on postmenopausal people with osteoporosis, comparing bone strength and density in two groups. One group received a daily supplement of calcium and vitamin D, complemented by six cups of alkaline water and 70 mg a week of alendronate (Fosamax), a drug aimed at increasing bone density. In contrast, the control group only took a vitamin supplement and alendronate.
After three months, both groups exhibited improvements in bone density, yet the group incorporating alkaline water experienced significantly increased enhancement in spine bone density. Intriguingly, these human findings were confirmed in an animal study conducted a year later.

Incorporating alkaline mineral water into your lifestyle offers a risk-free way to counteract acidosis, replenish essential minerals, and support bone health. While it’s not a standalone solution, combining alkaline water with a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle can contribute to overall health.

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