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Discover Unmatched Excellence in Water Systems: Elevating Hydration with Life Sciences

In the dynamic realm of water purification, our commitment to cutting-edge solutions stands unwavering. Introducing the pinnacle of innovation in water systems, our Life Sciences Healthy Alkaline Mineral Water Systems redefine water purification standards, setting a new benchmark for excellence in health and vitality.

The Genesis of Innovation: Addressing the Decline in Water Quality

The genesis of our innovative systems was a direct response to the observable decline in water quality across the United States. The infiltration of toxic chemicals and contaminants in City Municipal water sources demanded a solution that surpassed existing standards. Enter our enhanced water systems, meticulously crafted in collaboration with the esteemed Life Water Report water analysis reporting system.

Find out what’s in your water – go to and find out what the EPA is hiding in your City-supplied drinking water.

Flower of Life

The Symbolism of the “Flower of Life”

Our commitment to health transcends conventional norms. The integration of the ancient healing symbol, the “Flower of Life,” into our new water systems is a testament to this dedication. In addition to improving the aesthetic appeal of your drinking water, this remarkable addition revitalizes and heals every drop.

While our renowned Pitcher of Life® filters have long been at the forefront of reducing toxic elements, our ambition has always unparalleled purity. This ambition materialized in systems with filtration and purification capacities amplified 13 to 20 times, ensuring the elimination of undesirables from your water with unprecedented efficiency.

Seamless Integration of Convenience and Superior Technology

Building on the success of our Pitcher of Life® series, embraced by over 113,000 users, our new offerings take convenience and quality to new heights. Designed to integrate effortlessly with your water faucet or discreetly under the counter, our systems provide swift access to alkaline, mineral-rich, and antioxidant-loaded water, faster than ever before.

water pitcher with infuser

Bonus Delights:

As a testament to our commitment to an enriched hydration experience, most of our new Life Sciences™Alkaline Water Systems come with a free bonus – the extraordinary New Life Borosilicate Glass Water Pitcher with a Stainless Steel Infuser. This versatile pitcher opens doors to a world of possibilities:

  • Infused Herb Water: Elevate your water with delightful flavors like basil-infused water, bringing garden-fresh flavor with each sip.
  • Coffee Brewed to Perfection: Brew hot or iced coffee right in your New Life Water Pitcher, promising a delightful café experience at home.
  • Fruit-Infused Alkaline Water: Create refreshing lemonades or fruity concoctions, iced or hot, directly in your alkaline mineral water pitcher, enhancing both flavor and health in every drop.

Step into the Future of Healthy Hydration

With an unwavering commitment to quality and health, our upgraded systems beckon you to step into a realm where every drop of water signifies purity, health, and vitality. Elevate your hydration experience to unparalleled quality, mineral alkalinity, and antioxidant properties with Life Sciences Healthy Water Systems. Embrace the future of healthy hydration today.

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