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Is Acidic water Good for skin and hair?

Table of contents:

  • What is acidic water and how is it different from alkaline water?
  • How Water pH Affects the Skin
  • Why Maintaining a pH Balance for Hair and Skin Matters
  • Why is an acidic texture healthy for hair?
  • How to use acidic water?
  • How to make acidic water at home


The Surprising Benefits of Acidic Water for Your Skin and Hair

Have you heard of acidic water? It sounds like something you might want to avoid, but it is actually incredibly beneficial for your skin and hair. Acidic water, also known as ionized water, has a pH value below 7.0. This type of water is becoming increasingly popular in the beauty industry because of its amazing benefits. Tt balances skin and hair’s pH. It has benefits such as reducing acne, improving fine lines, and giving hair shine and volume. Acidic water can also act as a natural exfoliator, making your skin smoother and firmer. Let’s get involved!


What is acidic water and how is it different from alkaline water?

Water with a low pH is acidic. What is pH? pH is the concentration of hydrogen ions in a liquid solution. pH scales determine water’s pH. Alkaline water and acidic water have considerable benefits. The pH of alkaline water is higher than 7, and lower is acidic. Water with a pH of 6.5, or lower, contains antimicrobial properties. It can benefit skin, hair, and washing products. Besides treating inflammatory skin diseases, it maintains hair and scalp pH.

  • It is recommended to wash fruits and vegetables in low-pH water to benefit from the antimicrobial properties.
  • It is commonly used for cleaning and disinfection and has antiseptic properties that can kill unwanted organisms.
  • A process known as ionization separates acids from bases, resulting in this liquid. This is one of the purposes water ionizers are well-known.


How Water pH Affects the Skin

Your skin’s natural pH is slightly acidic, with a pH level of around 4.5 to 5.5. If your skin’s pH becomes too alkaline, it can cause dryness, irritation, and acne. Acidic water can help bring your skin and hair’s pH back to its natural levels and improve your complexion and hair quality. Make sure to keep an eye on the pH of the water solution and maintain a healthy lifestyle by consuming fresh, alkaline water.


How Water pH Affects the Skin


Why Maintaining a pH Balance for Hair and Skin Matters?

Many skincare products, such as soap, have an alkaline pH. While your skin has a low pH. The pH of the products you use on your skin profoundly influences its pH. You can raise your skin’s pH for up to an hour with plain tap water if it has an alkaline pH. For good health, your skin needs an acidic pH, which doctors call its acid mantle. You can maintain the acid mantle of your skin by rinsing it with low-pH water.


What is an acid mantle?

Your acid mantle [outermost layer] of skin is your body’s first line of defense against bacterial, fungal, or viral infections. It is imperative to maintain this layer of skin at 4.5 to 5.5 pH. This layer can become disrupted and unbalanced, leading to various problems. Skin’s acid mantle acts as a barrier to infection, killing bacteria, viruses, and molds that cause skin and other health problems. A healthy pH prevents cracking and peeling, which also prevents infection. Products, smoke, air, water, the sun, and pollution all break down our skin’s acid mantle. Products like bar soaps and foaming cleansers can raise the skin’s pH too high. According to researchers, healthy skin has a pH under 5.5. Your skin’s pH affects bacteria. Higher pH levels disperse these bacteria.

  • Acne: Acidic water reduces acne. Bacteria overgrowth on the skin can cause acne and inflammation. It kills acne-causing bacteria, leading to clearer, healthier skin. Aside from reducing inflammation, acidic water can also improve your skin’s appearance by reducing redness and inflammation.
  • Skin texture: You can also improve skin appearance with acidic water. A balanced pH can improve skin texture and tone. Besides tightening and toning your skin, it acts as a natural astringent. Acidic water can also help wash soap and hard water residues off the skin’s surface.
  • Wrinkles and lines: Your skin can also benefit from acidic water by reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Collagen and elasticity loss in our skin can cause fine lines and wrinkles as we age. Improved skin elasticity can lead to a smoother, more youthful appearance when you drink water with low pH.
  • Anti-aging: Acidic water improves skin elasticity, leading to a smoother, more youthful-looking complexion. Further, low-pH water can prevent further damage from environmental stressors such as pollution and ultraviolet light.
  • Antimicrobial: When we say acidic water is a germ killer, we mean it. It helps remove common bacteria from your skin’s surface and keeps it soft at the same time. Plus, it’s fragrance-free. It may benefit inflammatory skin conditions like atopic dermatitis, hair health, and growing plants.


pH Balance for Hair and Skin


Why is an acidic texture healthy for hair?

Your hair can also benefit from this water. A balanced pH can improve hair shine and volume. A simple acidic water rinse after shampoo and conditioner can give your hair a cleaner, more voluminous appearance.

Hair rinses with acid do two things:

  • Closes the follicles
  • Compacts the follicles


If you have curly hair, your cuticles are already partially open. So this means it’s especially helpful for people with curly hair to return their hair to low pH levels. A high quality, natural conditioners will help reset your hair to a Balanced level. Hair in this condition looks dull, breaks easily, and tangles easily. Rinse with acidic water to close follicles. Acidic rinses also compact hair follicles. Your hair looks naturally shiny, manageable, and less tangled after this water rinse. Acidic water reduces frizz. Too much alkaline pH can cause your hair to become dry, break, and even lose hair. Acidic water can improve hair appearance and health by balancing its pH.


Prevent scalp: When your scalp pH is balanced, it can reduce dandruff, itching, and inflammation. Acidic water can remove scalp buildup. 184 women in one study found that Staphylococcus epidermidis and Malassezia species were highly associated with dandruff. it may relieve dandruff.
The bottom line for keeping your hair and scalp nourished:

  • Use low-pH shampoos, which keep your hair cuticles closed and smooth and gently clean your scalp.
  • Natural ingredients like aloe vera juice/gel, and apple cider vinegar are also very beneficial for balanced pH.
  • Rinsing with acid water at a 4.5 to 5.5 pH level removes alkaline minerals from the skin after bathing, showering, shaving, or handwashing.


How to use acidic water?

  • Acidic water can be sprayed on your scalp after shampooing.
  • Rinse your hair with this water after shampooing.
  • Apply low-pH water directly to your skin with a cotton pad.
  • Soak a washcloth in acidic water and use it as a face compress.
  • Following a shower with acidic water, wash your hair. Fill your bath with 1.5 to 3 gallons


How to use acidic water


Acidic water vs. traditional skin and hair care products

Acidic water is a natural and chemical-free alternative to traditional skin and hair care products. Traditional skin and hair care products contain toxic chemicals that strip your skin and hair of their natural oils. Skin and hair can benefit from its natural properties. Acidic water may be worth considering if you want to reduce acne, and fine lines, or increase shine and volume. Acid water is a natural solution instead of strong chemicals. It’s eco-friendly, kid-friendly, pet-friendly, and YOU-friendly!

It has the following benefits:

  • Remediation of dry skin
  • Remediation of flaking skin
  • Greater resistance to irritations or infections
  • Greater resistance to invasion by bacteria and fungi into skin and nails


How to make acidic water at home
You can make your own acidic water at home using a water ionizer. Water ionizers use electrolysis to separate acidic and alkaline minerals from the water. NOTE: Your source water must be free of chemicals, which is impossible with city water. Unless you have good filtration, the acidic water flow will have bad chemicals. You can use a reverse osmosis (RO) system with a post-mineral cartridge that then puts the water through an ionizer – this will work. There are water ionizers (embed this link in the phrase “water ionizers” that come with custom pre-filtration systems and will work for generating this healthy acidic water for your hair and skin.

  • Water Ionizer: The most effective way to make low-pH water for hair and skin is to use a water ionizer. The kind of acidic water a water ionizer creates, called carbonic acid, makes ionizers useful for hair and skin care.
  • Carbonic acid is ideal for hair and skin because it is a weakly-bonded acid. A weakly bonded acid will not cause oxidative damage to your hair and skin. Hair and skin are supplied with the correct pH without being stripped of essential oils and nutrients. If you use the highest acid setting on your water ionizer, its pH will reach 4-5. This makes it the perfect choice for cosmetic acid water. You cannot overdo the carbonic acid made by the machine – it is 100% safe for hair and skin.
  • Apple cider vinegar: If you don’t have a water ionizer, apple cider vinegar can be used. Vinegar’s acidity comes from acetic acid, which is a strongly bonded acid. Using vinegar at too high a concentration can oxidize your hair or skin. Mix a tiny amount (½ teaspoon) of vinegar in at least 16 oz of water. Try to keep the pH of your water above 4.0, so it doesn’t strip your hair or skin. Using vinegar to make acidic water rinse will require you to test its pH.



It is possible that you have hard water if you always experience dry skin and hair. You should be able to find out what those levels are from your local municipality. The best water for skin pH is soft, non-alkaline, and low in minerals. A WATER FILTRATION SYSTEM is a wise investment for homeowners (although shower filters are excellent and affordable options for renters).

A 2016 study revealed that acidic water from a water ionizer destroys pathogens. The Study: Sequential Washing with Electrolyzed Alkaline and Acidic Water Effectively Removes Pathogens from Metal Surfaces. It has been reported to be an effective disinfectant for other applications like skin and hair as well. Read more here:

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